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Fearless, Dynamic Representation Throughout The Criminal Justice Process

Facing criminal charges or the need to challenge a conviction can seem like being thrown into the belly of the beast. Even in this moment, however, there is reason for hope with the right advocates on your side.

At RaquinMercer LLC, attorneys Isabelle Raquin and Steve Mercer provide fearless and dynamic representation at any stage of the criminal justice process. Like a lion, we are fearless in offering strong criminal defense. And if an appeal or post-conviction challenge is needed, like a fox, we provide knowledgeable, highly specialized representation that makes use of cutting-edge DNA and other state-of-the-art evidence.

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Like a Lion

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Like a Fox

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Practice Areas

Dynamic and knowledgeable counsel in Maryland and D.C. and for federal offenses.

A Unique Synergy Of Talents, Committed To Competing For You

Our firm features two talented individuals who combine their strengths toward a common mission: fighting passionately for justice, especially for those who have been criminally accused or convicted.

Isabelle’s extremely powerful criminal defense skills and ability to excel at trial bring many referrals from other attorneys. She handles a full range of charges and is the attorney liaison for the Drug Court in Montgomery County, Maryland. Meanwhile, Steve’s highly developed knowledge of appellate practice, post-conviction relief and DNA matters have brought him a national reputation. He often consults with other attorneys who seek his assistance on complex evidentiary matters.

Best of all, Isabelle and Steve work closely together, offering a synergy of skills to help clients compete effectively at any stage of the justice process. Indomitable and accomplished, we are eager to hear your story and tell it more persuasively than the opposition in order to get the best results.

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