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Judge Tosses Abuse Convictions Of Md. Teacher, Citing Bad Lawyering

The Washington Post – By Dan Norse and Nicole Asbury – July 23, 2023

A new trial was ordered for John Vigna, 56, who taught at a Montgomery County elementary school for more than 20 years

…“Trial counsel failed to investigate and prepare Vigna’s defense,” Vigna’s new attorneys, Isabelle Raquin and Steve Mercer, added in court papers, “committed unforced errors which applied to all alleged victims, failed to individually challenge each alleged victim’s motives, and did not exploit their specific weaknesses.”

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Our firm features two talented individuals who combine their strengths toward a common mission: fighting passionately for our clients. Our fight is relentless, and starts early in your case, and continues with your appeal or your post-conviction.

Isabelle’s extremely powerful criminal defense skills and ability to excel at trial bring many referrals from other clients and attorneys. She handles a full range of charges, including very serious offenses. Isabelle also is the Attorney Liaison for Drug Court in Montgomery County, Maryland. Meanwhile, Steve’s highly developed knowledge of appellate practice, post-conviction relief, and complex DNA matters have brought him a national reputation. Other attorneys often seek Steve’s experience and consult with him for his unique knowledge of complex evidentiary matters.

Best of all, Isabelle and Steve work closely together, offering a synergy of skills to help clients compete effectively at any stage of the justice process. Indomitable and accomplished, they are eager to hear your story and turn it into a winning defense strategy.

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