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Competing For Clients Together

Isabelle and Steve share the same passion for criminal defense work. They enjoy the fight inherent to criminal cases and love to challenge every aspect of their clients’ cases, every step of the way. They thrive in the complexity of cases involving forensics science. No case, no science is too difficult for them to comprehend or too hard to contest. Their ethic is to litigate to win. Their ambition is to be a leader in the field of criminal defense work and forensic sciences. Isabelle and Steve compete together to achieve the best outcome for their clients. They use a collective and collaborative approach, work on cases together, and always consult each other. Clients in our firm are our clients. Isabelle and Steve complete each other’s skills. Isabelle and Steve like to fight cases, however, they also understand that behind each case is a client. Our clients receive attention, communication, care, and respect. Because we believe successful outcomes for our clients go beyond the legal issues, we get to know our clients, their families, their hopes, and their fear. We build a professional relationship of trust that allows us to be effective and persuasive advocates for our clients, now and in the future. Contact RaquinMercer LLC about Steve and Isabelle representing you.

Photo of Professionals at RaquinMercer LLC
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4-3 Reversal Over Violation of Right to Counsel, both under the Sixth Amendment and Articles 21 and 24

Clark v. State (No. 25. September Term 2022, opinion by Honorable Shirley M. Watts), decided on the last day of the term, is unusual and remarkable. This 132-page, 4-3 opinion is really a 4-4-3-3 decision which includes a majority opinion by Justice Watts, joined by...

Should I invest in costly DNA evidence to prove my innocence?

DNA evidence has transformed the justice system, accurately determining guilt or innocence. It can exonerate the wrongfully convicted, but it is expensive. For those seeking justice after wrongful convictions, the decision to invest in costly DNA evidence can be a...

What should you do if you believe you are under investigation?

Criminal investigations can bring potentially life-altering consequences. The uncertainty surrounding the outcome, as well as the invasive nature of the investigation, can be emotionally overwhelming. During these challenging times, there are steps you can take that...

Judge Bair… Juvenile Justice – Supreme Court Of MD Testimony Quoted

In testimony before the House Judiciary Committee concerning the cross-filed House Bill, a retired circuit court judge noted that the federal Constitution requires that juvenile offenders have “a meaningful opportunity to obtain release based on demonstrated maturity...