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Telling Your Story Through The Appeals & Post-Conviction Process

You are a person, not a case number. No matter how much our criminal justice system can lack humanity, it is important not to lose sight of this transcendent fact.

At RaquinMercer LLC, we believe the best – and only – way to effectively serve our clients in appeals and post-conviction cases is to make sure their story is told accurately. This begins with us getting to know who you are and understanding every facet of your story. During our careful review of the legal and factual issues in your appeals or post-conviction case, we will strive to find the answers to fundamental questions such as:

  • Where have you come from?
  • Where have you been?
  • What are the potential options available to you for appellate or post-conviction relief?
  • What is the best possible outcome in your case and what will that mean for you and your loved ones?

Taking the time to get to know you and your family is so important for us as we build an appeals or post-conviction case. We strive to tell a story that is more compelling than the evidence offered up by the prosecution.

Speaking of evidence, our firm takes a cutting-edge approach to appeals and post-conviction cases. When the facts and procedure allow it, we employ the latest DNA and forensic technology on behalf of our clients. This evidence, combined with a narrative that resonates with the court, can make all the difference as we strive to undo your wrongful conviction and set the stage for a rightful outcome.

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