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Fighting Sex Crimes Convictions In Maryland & Washington, D.C.

As if the collateral damage from being accused of sexual assault or molestation is not bad enough, the criminal consequences of a sex crime conviction are extremely harsh. The prison sentences associated with sex crimes are often 20 years or more, and the convicted are required to register as a sex offender for life. It is perfectly understandable if being convicted of a sexually-based offense feels like the end for you. How can you recover from this and regain the life you knew before? It will not be easy but, with the help of a proven criminal defense attorney, you can remedy this miscarriage of justice.

At RaquinMercer LLC, we offer strong post-conviction representation for people who have been convicted of sex crimes. Our dynamic team of criminal defense lawyers take a cutting-edge approach to criminal defense, combining deep knowledge of DNA and forensic evidence with exceptional trial skills to give our clients the best possible chance to make things right.

Benefit From Our Team Approach To Sex Crimes Defense

Sex crimes defense is something some criminal defense lawyers are simply not equipped to properly handle. The complexities of medical and DNA evidence can catch even seasoned attorneys off guard, resulting in immense legal exposure for their clients. Steve Mercer’s knowledge of DNA and forensics is a strong advantage for our clients when paired with the trial acumen of Isabella Raquin. We can identify what went wrong in your original case and build the the strong possible post-conviction case you need to clear your name.

Don’t wait another day to get the post-conviction representation you deserve. Call 301-750-9702 for a consultation with a proven defense lawyer.


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