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Judge George B. Rasin, Jr. served as the sole circuit judge in Kent County, Maryland, from 1960 until 1987. In criminal cases, he was known as a “hanging judge” and when he came to Baltimore City to sit specially during the summers in the 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s (there...

What can corrupt DNA evidence?

DNA was a breakthrough when law enforcement first began using it to identify suspects. The technology has also increased and improved by leaps and bounds. However, despite its high-tech nature, DNA is not infallible. The US Department of Justice explains human error...

What are the penalties for bribery in Maryland?

Bribery is the acceptance of anything of value in exchange for influence over the actions of someone holding a public or legal duty. Bribery can take the form of money, favors or other gifts of value. Bribery cases typically involve people in public office, police or...

What are the common DUI penalties in Maryland?

According to the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration, there are a variety of criminal and administrative penalties for driving under the influence in the state. These penalties may result in jail time, fines, license suspension, and...