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Judge and jury trials are the principal way to resolve an accusation that a person has committed a crime. To be sure, most criminal accusations in our criminal justice system are resolved through a plea-bargaining process; however, it is bad practice for an attorney to approach a client with the mindset that their case will plead out. At RaquinMercer LLC, our attorneys work with each client to investigate and prepare their case for judge and jury trials because experience teaches that a strong defense is the best defense. In another sense, an attorney’s reputation as a trial attorney can make the difference to whether a prosecution ever goes to trial or results in a favorable disposition.

Telling Your Story At Trial

In our adversarial system, the defense is pitted against the prosecution, and each side presents their version of the truth. In a jury trial, the judge gets to decide legal questions, while the jury must decide factual questions and then apply the law to the facts. To prevail at trial, the defense has certain tools available to it, such as the substantive law of the crime, the rules or procedures of the court, the technical rules of evidence, and the art or psychology of persuasion. Fully integrating these tools at trial is what RaquinMercer LLC is all about. We strive to tell your story at trial because we understand that a judge or jury wants to hear your narrative about the evidence.

Isabelle Raquin is a dynamic trial attorney with a gift for crafting and delivering compelling arguments in the courtroom. Her trial skills, combined with Steve Mercer’s cutting-edge knowledge of DNA and forensics, provides our clients with a powerful line of defense as they face damaging criminal charges in Maryland and D.C. courts.

Take The First Step Toward Protecting Your Rights

In our system of criminal justice, overreaching police officers and overzealous prosecutors can tilt the balance of advantage against you. You need a seasoned trial team on your side to shift the balance in your favor. You have rights that need to be protected and a liberty interest that must be defended. We look forward to being the strong advocate you need. Call 301-750-9702 to set up a consultation.

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